7 Important Things to Consider When Buying Dinnerware

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People do not only remember the food but also how it was served and what it was served in.
things to consider when buying dinnerware

One of the things that makes great meals stand out at the table is the dinnerware. No matter how grandiose and appetizing a meal looks, if it’s not nicely served with the right dinnerware that matches the occasion, that meal may not achieve its full effect. Now, a case could be made for everyday dining but if it’s a formal dinner or you are having people over for dinner, it is only right to pay attention to the tableware. People do not only remember the food but also how it was served and what it was served in. 

So, having said that, in this post, we are going to be showing you 7 important things to consider when you are buying your dinnerware, so you can give your table the befitting look it deserves.  Find them below;

  1. Budget

As much as we’d like to leave this out or at least not make it the first point, it is a very key factor to consider before buying dinnerware. Think about it; as much as we might want to buy the first thing that catches our eye, we cannot do that if we don’t have the budget for it. So, the first thing you need to do is to set a budget.

Of course, you can decide to make your budget flexible and add a little extra in case you see something that’s a little above budget but won’t also be financial-suicide. But whatever the case, you need to set a budget to guide your shopping. And as much as you might be tempted to, make sure to keep your purchase within the budgeted amount.

  1. The Number of People

The second thing to consider when buying dinnerware is the number of people. Now, this is in two ways; the number of people that would use it daily as well as the number of people that might be available for dinner, especially if you are the kind of person that likes having people over for dinner. The last thing you need is people coming to your house and there is no place for them because you ran out of dinnerware. So, put the people who will be using it into consideration. 

  1. The Type of Occasion

Most people have tableware for different occasions; or at least, the everyday use tableware and the occasional tableware. So, if you are going shopping, consider which occasion you are buying for. And different occasions might require different wares. Therefore, this goes as far as considering the degree of formality and purpose of the occasion.

Dinnerwares assigned for unique occasions are usually adorned with precious metals like; gold, silver, and platinum as they establish a graceful atmosphere and feel. However, this kind of dinnerware should not be used in a microwave oven, and preferably, it should always be carefully hand-washed.

  1. The Type of Material

Dinnerwares are produced from different kinds of materials. Some are earthenware, porcelain, stoneware and glassware among others, and others are melamine, ironstone, bone china and so on. Each of these materials has very many differences as regards cost and care especially. So, you should consider the one that best suits your budget, occasion as well as prevailing conditions like the usual temperature of your house or city and even if you have a conducive place to store them.

  1. The Number of Pieces

Dinnerwares are usually sold in sets. Here, pieces mean the number of dishes required to set a place at the table. So, the number of pieces required would depend on the size of the family or your plans for service or entertainment. In a situation whereby a dinnerware set does not contain everything you need, you can shop for extra items individually.

This would include separate items for a place setting, like a charger, which is a big decorated plate, set beneath the dinner plate. A rimmed bowl; mainly for serving soups, stews, and pasta. And an accent plate; this is usually more flamboyant and elaborate than the rest of the plates in the set.

Major Types of Dinnerware Sets

  • Dinnerware Starter Set: This contains 26 pieces in a box called a starter jet, which is a single unit made up of 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 4 soup bowls. A starter set is a great option for you if you have modest dining needs. For instance, if you are a student, living alone or you are newly-wed. It does not include the server.
  • 45 Pieces Set: This usually comprises dinner plates, salad plates, cups, saucers, bread and butter plates, with additional four matching pieces of server, which is a medium-size platter, covered sugar bowl, open vegetable bowl, and creamer.
  • 96 Pieces Set: This dinnerware is for 12 persons, and it comprises dinner plates, bread and butter plates, cups and saucers, soup bowls, salad plates, and fruit saucers, with a matching server, like a large platter, medium platter, open vegetable bowl, covered casserole, sugar bowl with lid, pepper shakers, gravy boat with stand creamer, coffeepot, and salt.
  • Completer Set: This is a 5 piece matching server. Completer sets differ in content. There is that of a medium-size round platter, covered sugar bowl, open vegetable bowl, and creamer. It can also contain an oval platter, two vegetable bowls, a butter dish, and a gravy boat.
  1. The Color, Pattern, and Shape

White Dishes are quite prevalently used in restaurants, homes and for special occasions. This is probably because it is a safe option as most people will not mind white dishes even if white isn’t their favorite color. However, we’d recommend that you should consider using other bold colors, especially for unconventional purposes.

When serving a function, for instance, it is best to choose colors that go with the occasion. This helps to coordinate the occasion properly. If the room has too many bright colors, you can go for dinnerware with a neutral design and vice versa. And as regards pattern, that’d probably be more of a case of preference. Check out these three major types of dinner design to see what suits you more; 

  • The Modern Pattern: These are meant to depict ideas and concepts that are in line with the furniture designs, stemware, and flatwares.
  • The Romantic Pattern: Romantic patterns usually portray nature; fruits, flowers, shells, and birds. The rim is tilted to readily complement the decoration and finishing.
  • The Classic Pattern: This type of pattern is modified from ancient times. It gives you that vintage look and feel. 

Now, concerning the shape of the dinnerware, shapes are categorized into rim and coupe. Rimed plates came from Europe, as food fractions are cut into bites and pieces. The rimed plates are channeled to collect the fluids coming out from the food. Couped plates, on the other hand, do not have rims, hence, they fit the way food is prepared and served.

  1. The Replaceability

While we are hoping that our dishes last forever, we all know that’s an impossible wish. And since we are dealing with different pieces, one piece can crack before the others. Imagine not being able to replace that one piece and having to get everything again. This is why you need to consider the replaceability of sets when buying dinnerware. Some materials chunk easily, like faience and majolica. Others that may be imported can be difficult to replace due to cost, and then those sold on clearance can be discontinued.

So, you should try to put that in mind during purchase. Notwithstanding, when dishes are not replaceable, you can mix your dinnerware with colors and patterns that rhyme. And also, we’d like to suggest that you buy an extra of every set in case the need to replace one arises.

If you are in need of fine dinnerware to accentuate your dinner table, check out our collection. Also, we hope you found this article helpful, let us know in the comment section. 



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