10 Things That Make Your Home Look Cheap

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You cannot present an expensive look when your doorknobs are out of place, the hands of your chair are off the hinges, your curtains are torn and old or your once-white fridge has turned brown.
things that make your home look cheap

Even if you don’t care about aesthetics, most people don’t want their homes to look cheap. There is hardly anybody that decorates or designs their home thinking, “oh, what’s the best way to make my home look tacky and cheap? No, most people want their home to look beautiful or at least, presentable. If you are reading this, we are betting you fall into this category like the majority of us. 

Maybe, you have looked around your home and you know something is missing but you cannot seem to figure it out. Now, this could be for different reasons but we will point you to a bunch of things that could be making your home look cheap. This will help you determine where you relate and need to address to make your home look elegant. So, without further ado, here are 10 things that could be affecting the design of your home.

Things that Make Your Home Look Cheap   

  1. Poor Maintenance

The difference between two houses that were built and designed at the same time could be the maintenance culture. There is hardly anything you can do to a poorly-maintained space; it’d soon lose its shine and glow. A poorly maintained home will lose value and beauty quickly. So, if your house is not properly maintained, it’s not a surprise that it looks cheap. Make sure that you are carrying out a thorough cleaning regularly and the usual cleaning even more regularly. 

At least, depending on the number of people that live in the home, you should carry out a thorough cleaning once a month. This is the time you clean furniture and appliances in the house and reach the hard-to-reach areas. Because if you leave them unattended for a long time believing that they cannot be seen, it is only a matter of time before they spill over to the seen areas of your home. So, if you want your home to always look elegant, take thorough cleaning seriously. 

  1. Poor Renovation

Let us start by clarifying that by poor, we don’t mean financially; we are saying not getting a proper or quality renovation. You can buy cheap alternatives of renovation items that are still quality. However, don’t compromise on quality if the alternative is substandard. It is better to spend the money at once to get something proper than having to spend even more repairing what was substandard. If you want your home to look good, you need to make sure to get quality products for renovation and design.

  1. Tacky Decoration

While renovation might be capital-intensive, decorating does not need to be that expensive. You can always repurpose certain decorative pieces and reorder your furniture to redecorate your space. And you can also get other things second-hand to decorate your home. Read our article on decorating your home for cheap for more tips. So, you really have no excuse for why you should do a tacky design. If design is not your strong suit, go online for home design ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

  1. Low Paint Quality

Painting is also one aspect of home decor where you cannot afford to compromise quality for the price. The reason you need to go for quality paint abounds. A low-quality paint would show in its shine; it’d always look cheap. Also, as expected, they wear off easily. At the slightest contact with rain or sun, it wears off. You want to buy a paint that would last you for years, not one that’d require repainting after a short time. 

  1. Clutter

Clutter will never be a good look. There is no way you can rescue a cluttered space; it will always look disorganized and tacky. So, the first thing you need to do is clear the clutter. Stop hoarding things that have no aesthetic or practical value. Let them go. In fact, you can decide to sell some off at second-hand stores if you decide you don’t want to give them out for free. Whatever you do, you need to clear your space and let your room breathe. Then, you can properly arrange it to get the desired look.

  1. Faded Walls 

Faded walls are the most sketchy part of home decor. It screams the word, ‘cheap’ anytime someone steps into your home. So, instead of having faded and worn out walls, you can go for some wall designs if you cannot afford or get around to repainting. There is nothing that hides a defect on a wall better than wall art or design. And luckily, there are so many wall designs you can use, including wooden wall art, stone wall designs, etc. 

And you can go for unpopular wallpapers as well considering mass-produced wallpapers would be counterproductive; they can look cheap. Plus, it is advisable to use detachable wallpapers in case you have other plans for the walls later. Sticky wallpapers can be a nuisance especially when you want to remove them.

  1. Worn-Out Furniture and Appliances

We touched on that earlier; worn-out furniture and appliances would make your home look tacky. You cannot present an expensive look when your doorknobs are out of place, the hands of your chair are off the hinges, your curtains are torn and old or your once-white fridge has turned brown. You may be considering the cost but you don’t need to replace everything if it’s beyond budget. What you need to do is simply repair or refurbish what needs to be repaired and repaint what needs to be repainted. 

  1. Poor Lighting

There should be enough light reflection in your home. Good lighting can make your home look spacious, airy, and beautiful. A large mirror on the wall can be a great idea as well since it reflects any light that it comes in contact with. Also, you can put pendant lights on the hallway, kitchen, and over the dining table. Bedside lighting is also a brilliant idea.

  1. Visible Cords

Put away visible cords or electronic wires from close eyesight. They are always unattractive and sometimes even harmful because they could trip you off. There is really no argument for having cords all over the place, so try to put them away or arrange them as orderly as possible. 

  1. Stench/Offensive Smell

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your house looks, if it smells, that would leave a strong and lasting impression. So many things contribute to a smelly house; they include clutter, poor ventilation, stuffy room or uncleanliness. So, you should take note of these and seek redress where necessary. You can also help improve or make your house smell amazing by using aromatic diffusers, scented candles or air fresheners. You can check out our diffusers and scented candles to improve the smell of your home.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Then, please share it with your friends. And let us know what else you think make homes look cheap in the comment section. 



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