Creative Ways to Design Your Bedroom on a Budget

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Imagine not designing the said space as beautiful as you’d want it. Horrific, right? We agree.
design your bedroom on a budget

Yes, your home as a whole should be your safe space but we bet you’d agree with us that your bedroom is even much of a safe space as it is likely the most intimate part of your home. Now, imagine not designing the said space as beautiful as you’d want it. Horrific, right? We agree. This is why you need to put more thought into designing your bedroom instead of just leaving it haphazardly. 

Now, you might be asking, “how do I get a beautiful bedroom design when I am on a budget?” Actually, all you have to do is be armed with the right tricks to creatively design your bedroom on a budget. How? Follow along, we will show you certain tips that you can apply to design your bedroom on a budget.  

  1. Repaint Your Bedroom

A freshly painted bedroom can really give your room the needed uplift. Sometimes, you don’t even need to do much, you just need to repaint and you’d be fine. To cut the cost of repainting, however, you can decide to do it yourself or recruit the help of friends and family to make it a fun project. Another trick is to cover the worn-out parts of the wall with wallpapers, especially if you don’t want to go through the hassle of painting.  

  1. Upgrade Your Lighting

There are so many varieties of beautiful and affordable bedroom lighting you can find out there. The standard cream lighting always makes a lot of sense but you could switch it up by using a small-sized chandelier, or basket-designed dangling lighting. In fact, you just need to find the type of light that fits the color, design and feel of your room. Lighting always adds character to a room and if you get nice ones, they can serve as decorative pieces as well. 

  1. Extend the Curtain Rod Further Upwards

Raising your curtain rods makes the room feel spacious, wholesome, and grand. And you really don’t have to use the expensive Egyptian curtains, what’s important is that the material is of good quality and it fits the design of your room. You could even buy the materials yourself and give a tailor to sew the edges for you. You’d be saving a lot of money doing that than buying ready-made curtains. However, it might also take a lot of time. So, count your cost before making a decision.

  1. Prop a Wall Hanging Above Your Bed

The empty wall space above your bed doesn’t have to be that naked. You could use an elegant hardboard design, vintage textile, or just go for tapestry. However, there is a caveat. This only applies if your room feels empty. If it is already too busy, do without it. 

bedroom design - wall hanging design
  1. Display a Unique Piece of a Collection

Depending on the kind of hobbies you have, you could use a few collections like a guitar if you love music, precious stones or seashells if you are drawn to the ocean, animal-like design if you love animals and so on. Having something unique that people don’t typically have adds a special kind of beauty to your room. And it reflects your personality as it is based on something you like and enjoy.

  1. Change Your Mirror

This all depends on the size of your room. However, bigger mirrors work better than small mirrors for a bedroom. So, if you are using a small mirror and your room is large enough to accommodate something bigger, you should change it to a bigger one. Antique mirrors, especially are very great as they also serve as decorative pieces. 

  1. Improve the Quality of Your Hardware

If you have worn-out furniture and other hardware in your bedroom, do well to refurbish them. There is no amount of painting that would improve your room if your door handle is falling off or the wood of your bed is peeling off.  It’d be great to repair or refurbish what needs to be done to improve the look of your room.  

  1. Keep Your Bed Tidy

There is something about a well-laid bed with fluffed out pillows that calls to you after a long day. But besides that, it makes your room look beautiful. You cannot achieve a put-together room if your bed is messy. So try to binge a little on big fluffy pillows and beautiful bed covers. We promise that they will give you what you are looking for. 

  1. Replace Worn Drapes/Curtains

For some reason, many people forget or neglect their drapes or curtains. It’s not surprising to find people leave their curtains or drapes unwashed for years. It is only a matter of time before it looks dirty and begins to wear and tear. If you don’t want your room to look shabby, you need to make sure to wash your drapes/curtains and clean your blinds/shades as often as necessary. And if they are worn, please replace them.

  1. Deck Your Side Tables

You could start by removing unnecessary things. The side table is not meant to look too busy. The less stuff you have on it, the better. You could place a decorative lighting piece or a small flower vase on the table for a more impressive appearance. Check out some of the beautiful decorative pieces that would work well in your bedroom. 

Did you enjoy reading this article? Tell us some other creative ideas you have applied in designing your home. 



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