7 Ways Decluttering Can Improve Your Mood

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A study has shown that people living in a cluttered space record high cortisol levels. 
ways decluttering can improve your mood

Think about this for a moment. Imagine coming into a room and you meet it well-arranged and organized with everything in their right place and in the right order. Now, imagine going into another room like the picture above. Or maybe not even as disorderly as the picture above, but a room filled with so many things that you cannot specifically say where anything is. Think about how each room will make you feel; that’s exactly the difference between a cluttered space and a decluttered one. 

But you see, that’s not all; a cluttered space does not just make you feel overwhelmed, it also increases your stress level and affects your mood. In fact, a study has shown that people living in a cluttered space record high cortisol (stress hormone) levels. 

Also, clutter is bad for time management and productivity. When there are too many things to get through to find something, it takes too much unnecessary time and effort that should be expended doing other productive things. This is why it is always a good idea to declutter. But if you are still unconvinced, let us show you different ways decluttering can improve your mood. Check them out.

Ways Decluttering Can Improve Your Mood

  1. Reduction in Stress

As earlier stated, a cluttered space can be a huge source of stress. It can also cause feelings of fatigue and depression as our space is most times a direct reflection of our emotions or state of mind. When clutter leads to stress, it gives rise to unhealthy habits such as poor eating habits, poor hygiene and the like. Therefore, decluttering helps to make you feel happier and more relaxed at the end of the day. Trust us when we say simply setting aside some minutes in a day to declutter will help you achieve relaxation and a sense of fulfilment. 

  1. Improved Sleeping Pattern

If you are wondering about the correlation between decluttering and sleep patterns, you wouldn’t wonder if you consider how some people’s beds could be cluttered. In fact, many people treat their bed as their second wardrobe. And when you are sleeping with that much clutter, it is bound to affect your sleep. Whereas, on the other hand, a well-made bed is not only more inviting but it also helps you sleep better. There is something very comforting and restful about lying on a well-laid, clutter-free bed after a stressful day. You really shouldn’t miss out on that feeling.

  1. Productivity Booster

Cluttering has a tremendous effect on your ability to concentrate or focus on a particular task at hand. Having a lot of objects around you or directly in your line of vision can distract you. It can affect your ability to concentrate on a particular task. And it also keeps you from efficiently multitasking when necessary. So, it is not surprising that clutter is bad for your productivity while decluttering can significantly improve your productivity. You are free from distractions, can stay focused and can even think better to quickly and accurately get things done. 

woman at home energetic and happy
  1. Better Relationships

Cluttering helps improve your interpersonal relationships. Why? You might ask. Well, have you noticed that you find it difficult to invite your friends or family over on a day your space is totally cluttered? This is why many people tidy up when they are expecting visitors. By the way, if you feel ashamed to show outsiders your cluttered space, it shows you know something is wrong. But back to the topic; instead of boldly inviting people over, which could make you feel closer to them, you’d be forced to keep them away. 

And besides that, cluttering is basically a sister to hoarding and it can lead to conflict with your loved ones who don’t approve of cluttering. And this can hurt your relationship with them as well. Of course, some may accept you as you are but it’d still create a rift that doesn’t necessarily need to be there.  

  1. Mood Booster

The act of decluttering, that is, tidying up, organizing, getting rid of unwanted things and having enough space, in itself is a mood booster. Seeing things being put where they ought to be, cleaning up a dirty space and moving things around puts you in good spirits and fills you with a sense of accomplishment. Decluttering can be a form of therapy and a good exercise if you need to clear your head. 

  1. Strengthens Decision Making

Clutter is a direct representation of our thought process or the state of our mind. Cluttering is a good indicator that you are indecisive. People usually have a hard time letting things go because they cannot decide what to let go of. And decluttering involves making decisions and sticking by them. 

For example, you’d need to ask yourself; “do I need this item now or in the next future?” “Have I used this piece of clothing in the past 3 months?” “Do I need this object for the task I need to carry out now?”Asking these questions will propel you to make decisions that you will be better for at the end of the day. In making these decisions, your mental health is boosted and by extension, you find yourself making better and long-lasting decisions on general issues of life. 

  1. Great Exercise for Your Brain

While decluttering, your brain is in full gear trying to determine what goes and what stays and how to organize this and that. The act of decluttering encourages mindfulness and allows you to think and generate productive insights into whatever you are working on. Decluttering helps you to clear your mind and exercise your brain by engaging in productive thoughts or ideas. And it definitely makes you creative because it takes creativity to organize a room practically and aesthetically.

Let’s end this by reminding you that wherever you call your space should be a safe place from stress and all kinds of mental strain. So, you should definitely consider decluttering over hoarding things that are no longer useful to you. Also, we hope that now that you’ve learnt the different ways decluttering improves your mood, you’d make better choices.

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