Unbreakable Glasslike Soap Dish


Unbreakable Glasslike Soap Dish is a self-draining soap dish holder, your soap will last a little longer with no slimy residue under warm running water to clean. The soap dish is designed to drain unwanted water away from your bars of soap. Functional contemporary style that will solve the mushy soap issue!

Place the dish on the edge of the sink or tub to drain, (including the non-slip bottom). The tilt of the stand and spout design allows the excess water to drain the soap to dry, no more gooey mess. Save money on replacing costly specialized bars of soap! The dish is glazed for easy maintenance and timeless ownership.

Designed to fit various shapes of soap. They come in 2 exciting colors which will elevate your bath and kitchen functionality and decor.

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Black, Plain


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