Turkish Luxury Candy Trays


The Turkish luxury candy tray is that piece that depicts luxury, style, and elegance while serving your candies, sweets, and other similar items. The tray design displays style at its peak with a touch of royalty, therefore making the serving of candies look like a royal assignment. This tray also adds elegance to your living and dining areas. This tray comes with a lid, which makes sure your candies and sweets are safe while in this tray. It comes in four different colors. Make your choice and order now.  

  • Decorative Turkish Candy Tray comes with a matching lid.
  • Perfect for keeping your treats fresh and to use as appetizer trays at holiday parties

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Coffee, Coffee & Gold, Gold, Gold & White, Silver

1 review for Turkish Luxury Candy Trays

    January 3, 2022
    This came extremely fast and i love it!!!
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