Royal luxury Dinner Set


The royal luxury set is opulence and regality in ceramic plates. It comes in with an exquisite pigment of white and a splash of color. The royal luxury set is made for royalty and should sit on your table like the king that you are.

The high-quality materials used in its making give you the satisfaction that this luxurious set lives through time. It is durable. Your meals are always kept safe and fresh. Easy to clean after use. You are not only getting luxury with this set but luxury at a suitable price.

This dining set is both classic and beautiful, exuding elegance. The exquisite dining set is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. The pleasing look of the plates and bowls will undoubtedly contribute to the enjoyment of your meal routine.


  • Bone China


58pcs Set that comes with:

  • 12″ Fish Plate*1
  • 10″ Dinner Plate*6
  • 8″ Salad Plate*6
  • 8″ Soup Plate*6
  • 6.5″ Dessert Plate*6
  • 4.5″ Rice Bowl*6
  • Small Spoon*6
  • Big Spoon*1
  • Soup Pot*1
  • Big Soup Pot*1
  • Ashtray*1
  • Coffee Cup And Saucer*6
  • Teapot*1
  • Milk Pot*1
  • Sugar Pot*1
  • Pepper Shaker*2


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