Royal luxury Dinner Set (003)


The royal luxury set 003 is a beauty that cannot be hidden. This set was crafted to shine. It is the ideal setting for your dinner table. A meal with this set is perfect to end every family dinner experience with joy and smiles. The plates and bowls’ appealing aesthetic will surely contribute to the enjoyment of your meal routine.

The Royal luxury dinner set is durable as it was built with a touch of excellence. It is luxurious with a design that will span through time.

This dining set exudes elegance, originality, and exclusivity. This elegant dining set is microwavable and dishwasher safe. 


Material – Bone China

58pcs Set that comes with:

  • 12″ Fish Plate*1
  • 10″ Dinner Plate*6
  • 8″ Salad Plate*6
  • 8″ Soup Plate*6
  • 6.5″ Dessert Plate*6
  • 4.5″ Rice Bowl*6
  • Small Spoon*6
  • Big Spoon*1
  • Soup Pot*1
  • Big Soup Pot*1
  • Ashtray*1
  • Coffee Cup And Saucer*6
  • Teapot*1
  • Milk Pot*1
  • Sugar Pot*1
  • Pepper Shaker*2


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