Royal luxury Dinner Set (002)


The royal luxury dinner set (002) is a beautiful set guaranteed to add that touch of royalty to your dining table. Its magnificent white and gold colors give you a dining experience one set for royalty with a dash of the charm of excellence.

The Royal luxury dinner set is durable as it’s made from the finest materials. This dinner set is safe to use and easy to clean after use. It is cost-effective and getting this set is getting luxury at an affordable price. 

Your meal and plating with this set complete the feeling of royalty you want to enjoy when you eat and drink with them. 



Material – Bone China

58pcs Set that comes with:

  • 12″ Fish Plate*1
  • 10″ Dinner Plate*6
  • 8″ Salad Plate*6
  • 8″ Soup Plate*6
  • 6.5″ Dessert Plate*6
  • 4.5″ Rice Bowl*6
  • Small Spoon*6
  • Big Spoon*1
  • Soup Pot*1
  • Big Soup Pot*1
  • Ashtray*1
  • Coffee Cup And Saucer*6
  • Teapot*1
  • Milk Pot*1
  • Sugar Pot*1
  • Pepper Shaker*2


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