Nordic Abstract Silence


This breathtaking work of art conveys peace, quietness, and a man who stands strong. The sculpture brings us back to our own selves at times when it can feel difficult to find serenity. This piece of art communicates the power of silence over words and the importance of acceptance in life.

This Nordic Abstract Silence is Gold Sculptures are meaningful for any home or workplace and can be used in various settings to convey your message.

The sculpture is made from resin, and a lot of attention was paid to details. It has a very minimalist design. You can place it in your living room, on the bookcase, or use it as a table ornament.

The artist created this art piece for people who enjoy simplicity and want to decorate their homes with modern Scandinavian art.

❤ A lovely piece of artwork
❤ Modern take on serenity and peace
❤ Nice addition to your office décor


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