Made of high-quality glass, this bottle stopper decanter set is high-quality and properly designed. Superior lead-free glass enhances the beauty of the design by adding clarity and sparkle. It’s custom-made with the perfect neck length, making it easy to grasp and pour liquor. It’s suitable for preserving liquor and ensures that it tastes as good as new whenever it’s opened. Furthermore, the glasses make drinking more enjoyable as it’s more fun drinking together. The Ice 21 is the best set for that ultimate drinking experience.

As long as whiskey never gets old, Ice 21 lasts forever.

This set is a Decanter Set with 

  • 1 Decanter Bottle
  • 1 frosted Decanter  lid 
  • 6 Crystal Glasses

2 reviews for ICE21

    December 10, 2021
    Love the design on these so good!!!
    hoss delgado
    December 10, 2021
    These are really nice and have some great weight to them
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