French Bulldog Ornament 


The average frenchie is a nicer person than the average person!

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a French bulldog at first sight? This French Bulldog Tray Dish Sculpture is here to accompany you in your living space and leave pawprints on your heart.

  • A Unique Organizer Tray
    This ‘Catch All Caddy’ Weird Piggy Bank Sculpture Decor for Entry Door will hold jewelry as well as act as a decorative organizer for your door! It can even store keys and paperclips, making the desk tray useful throughout the house.


  • Multi-Functional Unusual Ornament
    As well as being able to hold your car keys by the door, remote controls on your coffee table, and just as a stunning addition to your home, it can also double as a piggy bank for you to store your cash! Odd? Nope, convenient!


  • A Novelty Decor for Dog Lovers
    Those who are dog lovers will appreciate this item as a wonderful luxury gift. Suitable to gift on occasions such as Easter, Christmas, an anniversary, a birthday, a housewarming, or simply just because! Besides, a house is not a home without a frenchie.



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